Starters and Sides

Prawns And Ricotta Tart

This is a tried and tested favourite

Starters and Sides

Master Duck Spring Rolls With Plum Sauce

This classic Asian dish is a sure-fire winner!

Starters and Sides

Chicken Liver Pâté With Cranberry Topping

This is delicious served with drinks as tapas or as a starter


Try These Brussels Sprouts Kebabs

Add oomph to festive season sprouts

Starters and Sides

Yummy Pesto Tomato Tarts

Tomatoes are at their best in December – light and tasty

Starters and Sides

Bruschetta With Roasted Brinjal And Tzatziki

Add some kick to your meal with this delicious starter

Starters and Sides

Apples And Onions With Verjuice

This is the sexiest side dish…

Starters and Sides

Yummy Savoury Chickpeas

Healthy. Easy. Delicious. What’s not to love?

Starters and Sides

Delicious Grilled, Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Add a burst of colour to your table setting with these sweet peppers, grilled to add a slightly smoky flavour to the salad

Starters and Sides

Master Salmon Ceviche

A wonderfully elegant dish fit for entertaining

Starters and Sides

Decidedly Decadent Baked Figs

These stuffed figs make an unusual complement to a simple fillet on the Weber

Breakfast & Brunch

Deliciously Fruity Camembert Stacks

Parma ham is delicious with this decadent dish!

Starters and Sides

Lettuce Cups With Shrimp Salad

This dish is easy to assemble and beautiful to serve

Starters and Sides

Festive Pastry Wreath With Tomato And Bacon

It looks like a wreath, but its good enough to eat

Main Dishes

Mini Chicken Pies

You can also use leftover chicken and add mushrooms to make these little pies for snacks

Starters and Sides

Potato Salad With A Difference!

The saffron, mint and pomegranate jewels add major zing!

Starters and Sides

Colourful Beetroot And Fennel Dip

For colour alone, you must try this!

Starters and Sides

Pistachio And Cranberry Cheese Roll

A fabulous dessert to include on your Christmas menu

Breakfast & Brunch

Bite-sized Sausages With Pancetta

Serve these with sundowner drinks this summer

Starters and Sides
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Mexican Beans For Easy Entertaining

This Mexican dish is perfect on a tortilla or taco shells

Soups & Salads

Marinated Tomatoes With Sweet Basil And Bocconcini

This delicious summer salad is a sure winner

Starters and Sides

Only The Most Decadent Camembert With Caramelised Figs

A winning combination, particularly if you want to serve something different for dessert. The caramel hardens quickly, so you’ll have to work fast and serve the dish immediately

Desserts & Baking

The Best-looking Phyllo Pastry Tarts

A satisfyingly flaky tartlet


Feeling Festive Cocktails

No get-together is complete without a few classy cocktails. These are easy to make and taste of summer

Starters and Sides

Sticky Baked Potatoes And Red Onions

These wholesome baked potatoes complement steaks

Starters and Sides

The Best Baby Carrots – Guaranteed

This recipe gives ordinary carrots new stature

Starters and Sides

Perfectly Roasted Sweet Potato

Caramelised sweet potato is always a hot favourite

Starters and Sides

What To Do With That Leftover Risotto?

Risotto is a filling feast that feeds both the body and the soul in the winter cold. Serve the risotto on its own if you don’t want to serve it in the shape of cakes

Starters and Sides

Couscous With Cabbage And Bacon

Put together your own menu from our selection of fabulous side dishes

Starters and Sides

Try These Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

Use leftover roasted root vegetables as a base for vegetable soup – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results, as roasted vegetables taste completely different to those cooked by other methods