Starters and Sides

Couscous With Cabbage And Bacon

Put together your own menu from our selection of fabulous side dishes

Starters and Sides

Try These Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

Use leftover roasted root vegetables as a base for vegetable soup – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results, as roasted vegetables taste completely different to those cooked by other methods

Starters and Sides

The Brightest Poached Tomatoes with Mozzarella

A delish summery starter

Starters and Sides

Easy Friday Night Supper In

A brilliant appetiser that could be served as a side dish too


Decadent Chocolate And Vanilla Bavarian Cream

Round off a meal with this light and moreish dessert – easy entertaining sorted

Starters and Sides

Party Starters

A selection of crostini, a Mediterranean toastie, is the perfect finger food

Starters and Sides

The Cheffiest Hasselback Potatoes

The most impressive spud around

Starters and Sides

Yummy Potato And Chorizo Croquettes

An appetiser that’ll impress even the toughest guest

Gluten-free cheese straws

Gluten-Free Cheese Straws

Quick to make and delicious!

Starters and Sides

Restaurant-Style Shoestring Chips

Make your steak meal extra special with these chips

Starters and Sides

Garlicky Mussels. Just Add Bread!

Expect the compliments to roll in if you treat your guests to this steaming pot of mussels flavoured with garlic and white wine

Starters and Sides

Cocktail Snack of Feta in Vine Leaves

The traditional dolmade combined with feta is perfect for Friday sundowners

Starters and Sides
peas with fennel

Add Oomph To Peas

Serve this old stalwart in a completely new way

Pumpkin fritters

Pumpkin Fritters With Rosemary And Thyme Syrup

Add a delicious and healthy dimension to your dishes with fresh herbs

Starters and Sides

Aromatic Garlicky Bread With Parmesan Cheese

Serve as a fragrant side order with a braai, a pasta or even a light salad meal

Starters and Sides

The Creamiest Mielies

This is a tasty accompaniment that can be enjoyed with any meal

Starters and Sides

The Most Delicious Side Dish

These are an excellent accompaniment served at a braai or with grilled chops

Starters and Sides

Bright Sweet Pepper Rolls

Serve as part of an antipasto platter or as a starter. For the latter, serve one yellow and one red pepper roll on a bed of rocket

Bacon and cheese fritters

Bacon and Cheese Fritters

Make these for a lazy, late breakfast – or a quick weeknight supper

Starters and Sides

Mielie Bread… in a Jam Tin

The best camping recipe you’ll ever read…


Grilled Vegetable and Cheese Toasts

Quick, easy and (reasonably) healthy – ready to eat in half an hour

Starters and Sides

Lovely mashed peas

Serve this delicious side dish with grilled salmon or pork

Starters and Sides

Best baked potato with cheese, broccoli and pine nuts

These are a great accompaniment for a seared steak


Biltong treats

This quick recipe remains a favourite – be sure to make enough!


Courgette blinis with cream cheese and smoked salmon

A sophisticated crowd pleaser – and Banting to boot!

Starters and Sides

Stuffed mushrooms on a braai plank

Braai planks are all the rage in the foodie world! Test one out with delicious stuffed mushrooms served with a juicy steak for National Braai Day

Main Dishes

Vietnamese-style filled pancakes

Add a delicious and healthy dimension to your dishes with fresh herbs

Soups & Salads

This golden fried halloumi & courgette salad tastes too good to be a salad

Spring fresh and perfect for your next dinner party!

Starters and Sides

Fish skewers with coriander and lime mayonnaise

You’ve never had fish skewers like these before


Mushroom and bacon filo rolls

You can prepare these filo rolls a day before you entertain