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Phrase Out

Six expressions that should be banned from the office

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Keep An Open Mind

Practise seeing life from other perspectives to keep your mind agile, your creativity brewing and your people skills on form

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Stop Your Inner Scrooge

Yes, we’re giving you permission to treat yourself

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Budget – And Save

Drawing up a personal budget will help you tackle debt, control spending and most importantly, build wealth for the year ahead

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The Secrets Of Success

You can get that promotion, salary increase or corner office

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Plan For A Better Tomorrow

There is no time to waste, retirement is sooner than you think

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be inspired

Be inspired

Celebrate South African greatness at the Inspiration Indaba

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one rand man

How’s your budget? Meet One Rand Man

This guy is living life R1 at a time. How would you fare?

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7 things to spend good money on

Here’s what you should splurge on

If you have ever compromised on quality to get a good deal, you will want to read this


Get a personal cover quote online

Find out how much personal cover may cost, with Old Mutual’s GREENLIGHT Personal Cover online quote.

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House investments

How much should you invest in refurbishing your house?

Work & Money

Buying a house? Follow our advice

Crucial rules you need to know before you make the big purchase.

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Take a mid-career gap year

Thinking of taking a break from the rat race to reskill yourself? Here’s what you need to know.

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The writing is on the wall

A new kind of paint means the end of the flip chart. Got a good idea? Just write it on the wall.

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Make an impression

You’ve been asked to come in for an interview – now it’s your time to shine!

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Ace your interview

Looking for a new challenge? There’s more to finding a job than dusting off the old CV.

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Better safe than sorry

Before you hit the road for the Easter break, your car should be insured, and so should you.

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student expo

The Student Expo

If you’re a school pupil, a parent or a graduate, learn all you need to know at this helpful expo.

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Sketched bowls

Protect your designs

Social networks were abuzz last year after a local designer accused a large retailer of adapting her hummingbird design to use on their products without paying her for the design. We take a look at how your designs are protected in South Africa.

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How to self-publish

So, you’ve written your book and you can’t wait to get it out there. But how?

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Payback time

Got a debt crisis? Debt counselling can help you escape.

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Lead this way

Executive mentor Eleanor Scott of The Hope Factory identifies the five essential traits of a leader.

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Manage multitasking

Is multitasking the time-saver you think it is, or does it impact negatively on your work?

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Student life

Six tips for new students to make the most of campus life.

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Keep the lights on for less

You can save up to 20% on your electricity bill by monitoring how much you use.

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Be a better boss

Chances are your leadership skills can be sharpened.

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It’s going to cost how much?

How much should you save for your child’s education? More than you think!

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Don’t panic – plan!

Having a financial survival plan in place will help you make good decisions if you’re retrenched.

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Make the rate hike work for you

If you have a housing bond or long or short-term loans, you owe your creditors more now than you did a couple of weeks ago. Can you turn things around?