Breakfast & Brunch

Bake These Pear And Walnut Muffins

If you serve these muffins, make sure that you have enough for seconds

Breakfast & Brunch

Yummy Coffee And Hazelnut Muffins

The subtle coffee flavour of these muffins make them ideal to enjoy with a cup of coffee

Breakfast & Brunch

Cheesy French Toast With Spanish Flair

Cheese-filled French toast served with mushrooms and chorizo makes a mean breakfast

Breakfast & Brunch

Fried Pears And Ricotta Cheese Waffles

We bet you never thought of this topping before

Breakfast & Brunch

Try This Potato Bread

Just like gran used to make

Breakfast & Brunch

Best Berry Crumpets With Creamed Honey

Make these for someone special for breakfast

Breakfast & Brunch
Cheese and parsley muffins

Cheese And Parsley Muffins

These muffins are best eaten on the day, but if you need to save time, bake them the day before and heat through before serving

Breakfast & Brunch

Pack A Picnic Wrap

It’s picnic weather, so wrap up your brunch and go!

Breakfast & Brunch

Egg Rolls With Spinach Filling

It’s quick, it’s easy and most of the ingredients are already in your store cupboard

Breakfast & Brunch

New-Style Egg Sandwiches

Serve these sandwiches with fried banana and honey, or try the delicious variation below

Breakfast & Brunch

Deliciously Fresh Mango Cupcakes

The tangy flavour of mango tantalises your senses

Breakfast & Brunch

Gluten-free Buttermilk Scones

Try this recipe if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance in the family

Breakfast & Brunch

The Most Delicious Eggs You’ll Eat This Week

These thin herb omelettes can easily be wrapped around any filling. Serve as a snack with a glass of ice-cold sparkling wine

Breakfast & Brunch

Cheffy Scrambled Eggs Salmon Parcels

Try these creamy scrambled eggs wrapped in smoked salmon are a brilliant late breakfast or light lunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Mielie Mould – In The Microwave

This is one recipe that works exceptionally well in a microwave oven

Breakfast & Brunch

The Best Breakfast Muffins

These egg and ham muffins are way tastier than fried eggs

Breakfast & Brunch
toasted muesli

The yummiest toasted honey muesli

Deliciously crisp and crunchy

Breakfast & Brunch

Vanilla and pear muffins

These are best on the day they’re baked

Breakfast & Brunch

Omelette with ricotta, spinach and caramelised leeks

Master the art of making an omelette perfectly, so you can offer your guests a breakfast they will remember

Breakfast & Brunch

Fritattas with ricotta, parmesan and rocket in 3 easy steps

Use a large muffin tin for this clever breakfast idea


The best egg and bacon “muffins”

A muffin fit for the Banter

Breakfast & Brunch

Sausage bake

A hearty dish for the entire family


Avocado and berry smoothie

A power Banting smoothie like no other

Breakfast & Brunch

Mexican omlette

A delicious Mexican-inspired one pan dish

Breakfast & Brunch

Pork bangers with beans

Brunch or supper? This tasty one-pot meal could go either way

Breakfast & Brunch
Champagne breakfast

Fruit medley with yoghurt, honey and nuts

Set aside a morning and enjoy it with a terrific brunch and Champagne cocktail (or two)

Breakfast & Brunch

Creamy wheat with honey-nut apples

Tuck into this delicious breakfast dish; they’re perfect to serve up as a special treat

Breakfast & Brunch
Potato cakes

Chive and potato cakes with cream cheese and smoked seafood

Treat someone special with a beautiful breakfast

Breakfast & Brunch
Egg rolls

Egg rolls with spinach filling

This meal is healthy, easy to make and ready to eat in half an hour.

Breakfast & Brunch

Muffins with rosemary and goat’s milk cheese

Pungent flavours of rosemary and goat’s cheese make for a tasty snack