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travel hacks

Travel hacks

Turn yourself into a super traveller with these tips

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All droned out

Get with the programme – aerial drones are the new way to take travel photos

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cape royale

A royale reception

Spoil yourself with the royal treatment at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Spa

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Coral, rice and chocolate in the Philippines

From the Chocolate Hills to the Tubbataha Reef, the Philippine Islands are amazing

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Flying fantasies

South African travellers have thought up some dreamy features for our airports

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keep it green

Keep your getaways green

Take eco-vacations close to home!

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casa labia

A day at the Casa Labia

A stunning Italian home that is now a gallery, boutique, and café with magnificent ocean views

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phoenix towers

The great towers of China

Forget the great wall: a new twin tower in China could be the tallest, greenest building in the world

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shutter bug

Shutter bug

Tips to help you capture your perfect holiday pictures

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Bungee jump South Africa

See South Africa in a free fall

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Twitter for travel

Twitter for travel

Pack your bags, and your phone – social media could be your best travel buddy

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Cruising altitude

We’ll be the first to sign up for this super comfy flight experience

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close to home

Close to home

Try these domestic getaways for escaping without going too far

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trouble with the neighbor

Red hot trouble

Popular holiday destinations that could become the next Pompeii

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Out in Ibiza

There’s more to this Spanish isle than never ending dance parties

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travel agents

Travel agents – or not?

Do you really need one in the age of internet?

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The troubled traveler

The troubled traveller

What to do when the unexpected happens on your trip

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spa exotica oberoi

Spa exotica

We round up a few of the world’s most decedant spa indulgences

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music festivals

Follow the music

Travel the world’s music festivals

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Tstitsikamma Falls Adventures

All on the line

Zip line your way across SA

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ray the valet

Ray the valet

Meet Ray, the German robot who’s going to park your car

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Voluntourism: Giving back holidays

Combining a vacation with volunteer work is a noble idea that is too often done wrong. Here’s how to do it right

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state of the nations airports

SA airports need improvement

It appears passengers are not impressed with South African airports, find out why

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just cruisin'

Just cruisin’

Check out some sweet deals on local summer cruises

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golden gate bridge

View from the top

Who better than British Airways’ pilots to rank the best views?

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global destinations cities index

The world’s favourite city revealed

Who can compete with this four-time popularity winner?

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5 reasons to visit phuket

Five reasons to visit Phuket

For a truly tropical experience, consider Thailand’s pristine beaches to cop out on

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unfussy travelling

The unfussy traveller’s kit

Because travelling is complicated enough

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prep and prime: family trips

Prep and prime: family trips

Preparation goes a long way toward giving you peace of mind when leaving home with your family in tow

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escape to the cape

A (wifi) wonderful ride

Visitors to the Cape can instantly upload their experiences in these cars. Love that!