Desserts & Baking

Cheery Christmas Pavlova

Looks gorgeous, tasted better…

Desserts & Baking

Steamed Christmas Pudding

Nothing says Christmas quite like this pudding

Desserts & Baking

Strawberry Pavlova With Cream, Nuts And Choc Sauce

This dessert is easy to serve as you can make the meringue beforehand and keep it in an airtight container until needed

Desserts & Baking

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Halva And Pomegranate Ice Cream With Fruit Salad will have you screaming for more

Desserts & Baking

Chickpea Flour Bread

If you suffer from allergies, try our gluten, sugar, and dairy free bread

Desserts & Baking

The Best Looking Stained Glass Biscuits

A fun way to get the kids involved in Christmas baking

Desserts & Baking

Bake The Perfect Panforte

This intensely sweet cake is quite an indulgence, but as it’s best served in small slices, it does go a long way

Desserts & Baking
Gingerbread houses

Step By Step: Build A Gingerbread House

Your children will love helping you build and decorate these adorable Hansel and Gretel houses

Desserts & Baking

The Most Terrific Trifle

This Christmas classic is still a firm favourite

Desserts & Baking

Baked Cheesecake Baskets

These low-fat cheesecakes are also suitable for diabetics

Desserts & Baking
Plumand berry tart

Wholesome Plum And Berry Tart

The nutrient-dense fruits in this tart increase your chances of good health

Desserts & Baking

Divine Diner Delights

Three delicious diner-inspired recipes using ice cream

Desserts & Baking

Delightful Berry Swirl Cheesecakes

The cheesecakes can be baked the day before and stored in the fridge until just before serving

Desserts & Baking
Salted-caramel truffles

Sea-Salted Caramel Truffles

The contrast between the creamy, subtle caramel, rich (but not too rich) chocolate ganache and the crisp dark-chocolate coating makes these truffles a favourite

Desserts & Baking

Irresistible Ice Cream Cake

Change up the ingredients to create different flavours for different occasions

Desserts & Baking

Utterly Brilliant Choc Chip Cookie Berry Trifle

Update your average trifle with choc chip cookies

Desserts & Baking
Heart biscuits

Raspberry Jam Hearts

When good food and beautiful packaging meet!

Desserts & Baking

Raspberry And Mango Ice Cream

There’s nothing more delicious and refreshing than this

Desserts & Baking

The Jelly of Milk And Honey

Honey’s sweetness complements milk beautifully. Serve this with a rosewater syrup as a refreshing dessert

Desserts & Baking
Mince pies with eggnog ice cream

Fabulous Mince Pies With Eggnog Ice cream

Another Christmas favourite to enjoy this season

Desserts & Baking

The Most Beautiful Rose Cupcakes

Vintage-pretty are these rose cupcakes

Desserts & Baking
Add a pinch of love_Tea and truffles for my friend 3

Gift Idea: Tea And Truffles

Spoil someone special with a delicious box of tea and truffles this Christmas

Desserts & Baking

Gift Idea: Chocolate Brownies

Place these chocolate brownies in a decoupage tin for the most delicious gift

Desserts & Baking
Apple and fruit-mince pastries

Apple And Fruit-Mince Pastries

Try this very simple to make yet traditional treat

Desserts & Baking

The Best Cappuccino Cupcakes

For adults only!

Desserts & Baking

Step By Step: Star-Studded Chocolate Roll

Make a delicious Swiss roll this festive season

Desserts & Baking

Christmas Cake Ice Cream With Brandy Butterscotch Sauce

Want your Christmas cake to match the weather? Try this delicious ice-cream…

Desserts & Baking
Ginger biscuits

Gingerbread Shapes

Cut out a selection of shapes and decorate them with dainty designs

Desserts & Baking

Make Your Own Rye Bread

Rye’s to the occasion

Desserts & Baking

Cherry And Chocolate Ice-Cream Bombe

Start putting together your own Christmas menu, beginning with dessert