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Red hot chilli poppers

Step 2

A fiery delight that’s always a winner

Breakfast & Brunch

Waffles with brandied pears


Everyone loves waffles – try this new, scrumptious version of an old favourite


Grapefruit marmalade


An economical marmalade made solely from grapefruit peel


Candied grapefruit peel


A sweet treat on its own, or use as a decoration for cakes and desserts

Desserts & Baking

Butterscotch and marshmallow puddings

Butterscotch and marshmallow puddings

Instead of topping with marshmallows you can sprinkle grated chocolate over these delish puddings

Desserts & Baking

Butternut and cinnamon fritters


The old-fashioned pumpkin fritter gets a new twist with butternut and cinnamon


STEP BY STEP: Ginger beer

Ginger beer

Follow our instructions and make your own deliciously refreshing ginger beer

Desserts & Baking

Step by step: Doughnuts


No sweet tooth will be able to resist these decadent ringed treats!

Desserts & Baking

Syrupy cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns

Boasting nuts and syrup, these rolls are deliciously decadent

Desserts & Baking

Sweet temptation: Peanut brittle

butter, sugar, glden syrup, peanuts, brittle

Bring back happy memories from your childhood with this old-fashioned confection.

Starters and Sides

Baked pumpkin with cinnamon


Sweet pumpkin with cinnamon, ginger and citrus is without a doubt a winning combination!

Breakfast & Brunch

Wholewheat French toast with blueberry sauce and caramelised bananas


Get your day off to a healthy start with French toast served with bananas, yoghurt and blueberry sauce.

Desserts & Baking

Cheesecake pops


These cheesecake pops are ideal as a girly party snack.

Main Dishes

White balsamic chicken with shallots and vine tomatoes

white balasmic chicken

Enjoy real Mediterranean flavours wherever you are.

Desserts & Baking

Make your own yoghurt


Follow these easy steps to make healthy, flavoursome yoghurt.

Breakfast & Brunch

Baked ricotta with white chocolate


Add a little sweetness to your coffee break with this decadent bake.

Desserts & Baking

Tarte Tatin


This French delicacy was created accidentally, but today it’s a world-renowned classic!


Basic tomato sauce


Keep this tasty stand-by dish in your freezer. It’ll come to your rescue when you receive unexpected guests or don’t have time to cook from scratch.


Classic pork pies with apple


This combination of ingredients complement each other beautifully.

Desserts & Baking

Whoopie pies


Break away from the traditional with a bright and eclectic tea party.

Desserts & Baking

Home-made flatbreads


Put out these flatbreads for a quick bite to eat at the end of a long day.

Starters and Sides

Pumpkin fritters with rosemary and thyme syrup


Spoil your guests with a side of these pumpkin fritters.

Desserts & Baking

Sweet pastry squares with strawberries


A quick and easy tasty tea-time treat or dessert.

Desserts & Baking

Apple and butterscotch pancakes


For an added twist, sprinkle with peanut brittle, roll up and enjoy.

Main Dishes

Braised chickpeas


Eat your chickpeas with spinach and oven-dried tomatoes – yummy!

Desserts & Baking

Coconut and nut fudge


This delicious treat has a Moroccan twist.

Desserts & Baking

Sticky apple and cinnamon cake


This winter dessert is all about warmth and comfort, so pull up a chair next to the fireplace, relax and tuck in.

Starters and Sides

Chicken liver pâté with sweet and sour grapes


Prepare the grapes a few days before your party to give them time to pickle.


Mixed berries in vanilla rose syrup


If you’re on the quest for tastiness and intensity, try your hand at making preserves at home.

Desserts & Baking

Tiramisu cake

Happy birthday_Tiramisu cake

This delightfully rich cake will have everyone coming back for more!