Desserts & Baking
Gluten-free waffles

Gluten-Free: Waffles With Honey And Cream

Gluten-free bakes can be just as indulgently rich and delicious as ‘normal’ treats

Honeycomb and almond ice cream

Summertime Honeycomb And Almond Ice Cream!

Enjoy Christmas day with your loved ones with this delicious dessert

Desserts & Baking
Bread and butter

Spice Up Festivities With A Bread And Butter Pudding

Tuck into this deliciously spicy Christmas dessert

Main Dishes
Seafood bunny chow

The Best Seafood Bunny Chow

This café-style dish is ready to eat in half an hour

Preserved herbed tomatoes

Preserved Herbed Tomatoes

These herbed tomatoes are ideal to serve as part of a mezze platter, or to add to pasta sauces or salads

Pumpkin fritters

Pumpkin Fritters With Rosemary And Thyme Syrup

Add a delicious and healthy dimension to your dishes with fresh herbs

Desserts & Baking

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt

Berries don’t only provide us with the colours of love and romance, they also serve as tasty treats!

Homemade honeycomb

Homemade Honeycomb

Flavoured honey is easy to make and is delicious spread onto scones, drizzled over fruity bakes or stirred into a hot cup of tea

Desserts & Baking
Baked cheesecake

Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

Garnish this already gorgeous (and delicious!) cake with roses and berries

Desserts & Baking

Coconut and black sesame ice cream

This black and white ice-cream dessert is smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious!

Desserts & Baking

Sweet pastry squares with strawberries

A slice of this tart would be a tasty tea-time treat or a delicious dessert

Breakfast & Brunch

Vanilla and pear muffins

These are best on the day they’re baked


Lemon and vanilla jam

This delicious treat is inspired by a Tessa Kiros recipe from her wonderful book, Falling Cloudberries

Desserts & Baking
Chocolate squares

Peppermint Crisp chocolate squares

Luscious, rich and absolutely decadent!

Desserts & Baking

Milk tart

There are many different versions of this traditional favourite in South Africa, but this is the way Ideas’ food editor Louisa’s mom always makes it

Desserts & Baking

Decadent fudge duo

Satisfy a sweet tooth with this double-delicious choice

Vintage sweets

Barley sugar

Bring back happy memories from your childhood with this old-fashioned confection

Desserts & Baking

Get ready for a frozen delight

A berry sorbet makes for a perfect spring treat

Desserts & Baking

Oh yum! Buttermilk ice cream

A scoop of buttermilk ice cream makes any phyllo tart look even more irresistible


Sweet swap your sugar habits

It is possible to cut bag on sugar and not notice

Desserts & Baking
Vanilla fudge

Creamy vanilla fudge

Luscious, rich and absolutely decadent

Desserts & Baking

Cheesecake with fresh strawberries

Who doesn’t just love cheesecake? Serve with fresh strawberries to add to the deliciousness

Food & Drink
Champagne vs sparkling wine

Champagne vs sparkling wine

Bubbles are usually the choice drink for celebrating. Cheers!



This traditional South recipe is sure to make you reminisce about happy family days

Step 2

Red hot chilli poppers

A fiery delight that’s always a winner

Breakfast & Brunch

Waffles with brandied pears

Everyone loves waffles – try this new, scrumptious version of an old favourite


Grapefruit marmalade

An economical marmalade made solely from grapefruit peel


Candied grapefruit peel

A sweet treat on its own, or use as a decoration for cakes and desserts

Desserts & Baking
Butterscotch and marshmallow puddings

Butterscotch and marshmallow puddings

Instead of topping with marshmallows you can sprinkle grated chocolate over these delish puddings

Desserts & Baking

Butternut and cinnamon fritters

The old-fashioned pumpkin fritter gets a new twist with butternut and cinnamon