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Main Dishes

Rotolo filled with butternut, bacon and rocket


Follow our step-by-step instructions to make this impressive rolled pasta

Soups & Salads

Strawberry salad


It’s light and bright and easy to make. What a score!


Mediterranean pasta


Use whole-wheat pasta, beans and the right vegetables for a delicious low-gi meal

Main Dishes

Pan-fried chicken with peppers

Pan-fried chicken with peppers

A quick and easy weeknight meal idea – ready to eat in half an hour


Spinach and feta calzone


It’s quick, it’s easy and most of the ingredients are already in your store cupboard

Starters and Sides

The best roast potatoes


A perfect accompaniment to any roast plus it can cook at the same time!


Roasted olives


A fun and simple technique that will add a new dimension to olives

Main Dishes

Venison bourguignon with polenta

Venison bourguignon

Deliciously meaty and rich – comfort food at its best!

Breakfast & Brunch

Spinach-stuffed pancakes

Spinach pancake

Instead of rolling up the pancakes individually, make a pancake stack by layering pancakes and filling, then slice into wedges to serve

Soups & Salads

Fresh pea and pancetta soup


Serve this light, healthy supper with a dash of parsley oil.


Pork neck with cinnamon and fennel

Pork neck

Let the fragrant spicy scent of cinnamon evoke happy memories

Main Dishes

Step by step: Spatchcock a chicken

Spatchcock chicken

Use this technique to flatten a chicken so it will grill more evenly for the perfect result

Main Dishes

Game and spinach pie

Game and spinach pie

This pie is also delicious made with mutton or beef if you cannot find game.

Main Dishes

Lamb chops with mielie meal and tomato salad


Its the unique combination that makes this dish so flavourful.

Main Dishes

Stewed beef short ribs


A juicy piece of meat on the bone served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes is the ultimate winter soul food.


Vegetarian pizza


This vegetarian pizza is perfect for meat-free Monday and so simple to make.

Breakfast & Brunch

Mediterranean veggie club


This gourmet sandwich served with shoestring French is to die for!

Main Dishes

White balsamic chicken with shallots and vine tomatoes

white balasmic chicken

Enjoy real Mediterranean flavours wherever you are.

Soups & Salads

Cheesy corn chowder

Cheesy corn chowder

Sherry Winchester from Michigan, USA, is a vegetarian and loves to cook. This rich, comforting chowder is one of her favourite winter recipes.

Breakfast & Brunch

Pastrami and Swiss cheese sandwich

pastrami-Swiss-cheese-sandwich (1)

Kick-start your day with this meaty Swiss cheese sandwich.

Desserts & Baking

Low-fat coffee chocolate brownies

Low-fat brownies copy

These brownies are so divine, you’ll have to make more than one batch to keep everybody happy. Plus, it’s low-fat!

Main Dishes

Roast pork neck with crispy crackling


It’s the slow roasting that makes this dish absolute perfection.


Sausage pasta


We’ve taken the hassle out of menu planning with this easy-to-prepare family supper.

Main Dishes

Tomato and basil chicken with creamy polenta

Happy birthday_tomato and basil chicken with creamy polenta 2

Entertain family and friends with Mediterranean flair.


Basic tomato sauce


Keep this tasty stand-by dish in your freezer. It’ll come to your rescue when you receive unexpected guests or don’t have time to cook from scratch.

Soups & Salads

Lamb and bean soup

Lamb and bean soup

This is the food team’s favourite South African soup recipe. It’s a delicious, thick and meaty soup.


Step by step: Slow-roasted pork with stuffed apples

Slow-roasted pork

Entertain (and impress) family and friends with this delicious roast.


Sausage and potato stew


This quick and easy stew is perfect for a mid-week meal, especially if you’re feeling a bit lazy.


Chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta and sweet pepper


This simple but tasty recipe that can be prepared in advance and is easy to heat up.


Spicy pork and tomato stew

Spicy pork stew

Your week won’t feel as dull when this spicy stew is on the menu.