Scottish Terrier Appliqué

A framed houndstooth print and an appliquéd Scottish terrier creates a focus point

Three Word Wardrobe

Pack Right, Travel Light

Spree fashion content producer Marieke Merts shares which accessories will take you to the beach to the cocktail bar and beyond this holiday

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Motivated In Activewear

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, your body can go the extra mile.


The Linen Everyone is Talking About

Mungo linen has something for everyone – and it’s on our wish list

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Sweet And Flirty In Candy Colours

Which kind of pastel are you – tough or sugar-dripping?

Shirred cushionsFBFin

Round Shirred Cushions

Take inspiration from nature and bring the garden indoors with your furnishings

Three Word Wardrobe

Summer Trend Round-Up

Now that the end-of-year holiday feeling is setting in, Spree’s Marieke Merts looks at three of the major trends that will define this summer

Fabric lanterns

Add Cheer With Fabric Lanterns

Sew fabric lanterns and group them together to create a colourful display

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Feel Awesome In Aztec Print

Aztec is the king of tribal prints

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Inspired In Arty Prints

Watercolour-inspired prints have arrived, adding strokes of genius to summer dressing

Three Word Wardrobe

Find Your Signature Style

Find out whose your style twin with our easy quiz!

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Feel Feminine In Monochrome Florals

Even strictly monochrome girls can blossom this summer

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Pretty In Pink

Soft hues always look sophisticated but there are even more reasons to shop pink this month

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Iris Apfel

How To Find Your Unique Style

Whenever the colourful Iris Apfel or Vogue Japan’s flamboyant Anna Dello Russo step out, everyone gets out their cameras. But is it possible to make your mark without breaking all the rules?

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Feel Happy With Flowers In Your Hair

Petal power shouldn’t be restricted to print


Sweet-Smelling Sachets

These little bags double up as place markers and sweet-smelling gifts

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Feel Glamorous in a Goddess Dress

Simplicity meets glamour in long, lean goddess dresses, proving that after-hours dressing doesn’t always require a lot of bling

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Brit Marling

How to Wear Black This Summer (Yes, You Can!)

Can’t bear the thought of going a season without your beloved black? Here’s how to pull it off – with flair – in 30°C heat

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Feel Self-Assured in a Shift Dress

We love the simple and now more streamlined silhouette of shift dresses

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Composed in Cerulean Blue

Cobalt is cool, but as the weather gets warmer, we’re leaning towards the lighter blues that remind us of sunny skies and the sea

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Alluring in a Wrap Dress

We cannot thank Diane von Fürstenberg enough for giving us the wrap dress

Pin cushion

DIY: Make this Zakka-style Pincushion

Zakka is a beautiful way of designing and making small things

Three Word Wardrobe
Katie Holmes

Why Fabric and Texture Matter

If ever you’ve had a meeting in the afternoon and cocktails straight after work, you will know that all black dresses are not equal


Cross-stitch Cushion

Use cross-stitch to give your items a fresh new look

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Brand-new in the New Black

Yes, we’re well-acquainted with orange. But the real new black? That’s still black!

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel Flirty in a Floral-print Summer Skirt

Who would’ve thoughts that a crisp white shirt would make floral-print skirts so appealing?

Three Word Wardrobe

Feel elated in an easy summer dress

Keep it simple this summer with an easy-to-throw-on, feel-good summer dress

Three Word Wardrobe

The secrets to powerful dressing

Looking great puts as skip in anyone’s step but sometimes you need an extra lift to look the part

Three Word Wardrobe

7 style habits of sexy dressers

Feeling like a million bucks and want to show it? Here’s how to do it in style

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Feel exotic in botanical prints

Botanical prints are hot news this season, so join us on board the jungle express