Main Dishes

Vietnamese-style filled pancakes

Add a delicious and healthy dimension to your dishes with fresh herbs

Desserts & Baking

Chocolate soufflé

Although this recipe is lower in fat it is really delicious

Desserts & Baking

Ricotta and orange doughnuts

Indulgence guaranteed with this decadent white-chocolate dessert

Desserts & Baking

Basic recipe: Vanilla cake

A must-have basic recipe that you can trust

Breakfast & Brunch
Potato cakes

Chive and potato cakes with cream cheese and smoked seafood

Treat someone special with a beautiful breakfast

Desserts & Baking
Chocolate brownies with orange liqueur

Chocolate brownies with orange liqueur

A deliciously decadent dark chocolate treat – enough said

Desserts & Baking
Oats cookies

Lunchbox idea: Make oats cookies in 30 minutes

These deliciously crunchy biscuits are easy to prepare

Breakfast & Brunch
Spinach pancake

Spinach-stuffed pancakes

Instead of rolling up the pancakes individually, make a pancake stack by layering pancakes and filling, then slice into wedges to serve

Desserts & Baking
Chocolate and berry squares

Diabetic-friendly chocolate and berry squares

There’s no need for anyone to miss out on this sweet treat!

Breakfast & Brunch
Potato cake

Potato cake with salmon and egg

Breakfast sorted in a delightfully delicious way

Fish and chips

Fish in beer batter with tandoori spiced chips

Have a right royal time with a modern take on a British themed recipe


Chocolate pizza with ice cream and berries

Deliciously decadent!

Desserts & Baking
Lemon pudding

Coconut & lemon pudding – in 15 minutes!

This coconut and lemon pudding is so incredibly quick and easy to make…

Desserts & Baking
Sponge cake

Get the basics right: Sponge cake

A must-have basic recipe that you can trust

Vegetable cannelloni

Roasted winter vegetable cannelloni with blue-cheese sauce

The secret to this delicious vegetarian pasta is the rich cheese sauce

Corn and pumpkin fritters

Corn and pumpkin fritters with salsa

Make sure that you make enough. These fritters are divine!

Main Dishes
Parmesan crusted chicken

Chicken breast in a Parmesan crust on tomato risotto

Whether it’s the Parmesan crust or the creamy risotto, this dish is irresistible!

Desserts & Baking
Shortcrust pastry

Basic recipe: Shortcrust pastry

A must-have basic recipe that you can trust.

Desserts & Baking

Cheesecake pops

These cheesecake pops are ideal as a girly party snack.

Main Dishes
Fish and chips

Baked fish nuggets

It’s quick, it’s easy and most of the ingredients are already in your store cupboard.

Desserts & Baking

Hertzog cookies

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to making these delicious traditional favourites.

Breakfast & Brunch

Coffee cake

Indulge all your guilty pleasures in one go with this chocolate and coffee infused cake.

Desserts & Baking

Nikki’s torta della Nonna

Nikki Booth helps us make this Italian delight.

Main Dishes
Happy birthday_tomato and basil chicken with creamy polenta 2

Tomato and basil chicken with creamy polenta

Entertain family and friends with Mediterranean flair.

Desserts & Baking
Mochaccinno microwave cake

Mochaccino microwave cake

This quick cake combines the delicious flavours of chocolate and coffee.


Classic pork pies with apple

This combination of ingredients complement each other beautifully.


Step by step: Venison pie

Serve it hot with something sweet on the side – like a yummy quince preserve!

Breakfast & Brunch

Classic quiche

This is an old favourite. However, it’s too rich if you use cream only, so use half cream and half milk.

Breakfast & Brunch

Granny Holst’s scones

Terrific for a morning brunch or an afternoon tea.

Desserts & Baking

Whoopie pies

Break away from the traditional with a bright and eclectic tea party.